Standing Desks: The New Workplace Trend

Many people have heard of standing desks, but may not know much about them. Standing desks are a new trend in the workplace that is becoming more and more popular. They allow for better posture and health benefits while at work, which can lead to increased productivity.

This article will guide you through the process of building your own diy standing desk from scratch.

What is a standing desk and why should you use one

A standing desk is a great option for working at home. It allows you to stand while working, which can help your productivity and improve your health.

Sitting all day isn’t good for the body as it puts pressure on the spine, neck muscles, and veins. Standing while you work can help prevent these issues.

Standing desk

How to assemble your own DIY standing desk

A DIY standing desk is a great way to get started with this trend in the workplace, especially if your budget doesn’t allow for an expensive purchase of a new one right away.

There are many ways you can build your own standing desk. The simplest way would be to purchase an assembled model, but if this is not for sale where one lives then the next best thing might involve finding something sturdy at home that has similar dimensions as what’s offered in stores- like a dresser drawer pull or shelf bracketing from ikea. Otherwise there could also simply trying cutting up some wood offcuts left over after doing other projects onsite – though if they are painted or varnished then they will need to be sanded down first.

If you’re DIY inclined, however, it is also possible to make your own standing desk frame from scratch without too much hassle. Here’s how:

  • Measure the height of where you want your new DIY stand up workstation in your room.
  • Cut your DIY desk frame to the correct height with a saw, either by yourself or if you have access to power tools then it may be possible to convince someone else in the house to do this for you.
  • Assemble everything together once DIY standing desk is cut and sanded down so that it’s smooth all around.
  • Attach DIY standing desk frame to the wall if you want it stationary.
  • Place DIY stand up workstation on top of DIY standing desk frame and attach using screws or nails, then put your laptop on DIY standing desk. You can adjust height as needed by moving DIY stand up workstation along diy stand up workstation frame.

If DIY standing desk is not for you, or your budget doesn’t allow for DIY stand up workstation then there are also many affordable options available that can be purchased online with free shipping in some cases too.

Adjustable desks are a great option if they fit within the space available to you and meet all other DIY standing desk requirements.

Remember DIY stand up workstation do not have to be permanent, and they can easily be removed if needed or moved around your workstation space and needs at the time.

Benefits of using a standing desk

Businessman standing at his work desk

One of the best ways to get rid yourself from unhealthy habits and stress is by using a standing desk. These desks are great for those who want more energy, better concentration levels at work/school or just an all-around healthier life.

It is the 21st century, and people are starting to learn that sitting down all day isn’t good for our health. A standing desk may assist us be less sedentary by keeping movement going throughout the day, which will help us work fewer breaks and see greater productivity in return.

Using a standing desk can also help with chronic back pain and other health problems by providing natural motion for the spine while also reducing stress levels in our bodies due to movement that provides circulation.

Tips for maintaining good posture while working at a standing desk

The average person spends 8 hours per day sitting down. This can be a huge problem for your spine, which was not designed to carry out this function over an extended period of time without receiving some form or compensation in return. This is something that can be readily resolved by using a standing desk.

A great way of maintaining good posture while working standing up would be by ensuring the feet rest flat against flooring so there isn’t any torque put onto those muscles which could cause discomfort over time due to lack of exercise.

You can also maintain good posture while working at a standing desk by periodically taking breaks. Sitting down for about five minutes every hour will not only prevent backache but it’ll also help keep you energized and focused throughout your day.

The DIY standing desk can make you more productive, healthier and provide better posture. By taking the time to construct one yourself will help ensure your productivity levels don’t drop over an extended period of time due to poor working conditions.