Why Sitting all Day at Work Causes Obesity

It is no secret that obesity rates are climbing at an alarming rate. The obesity epidemic has been well-studied and the cause of obesity is multifaceted, but one major contributor to obesity appears to be sedentary behavior.

Sedentarism can lead to obesity because it decreases energy expenditure, which in turn increases fat deposition. When you sit all day at work for hours on end, your body thinks it’s in a “starvation mode” state and stores more calories as fat than when you are walking around or standing up throughout the same time period.

Sitting all day will also have other adverse effects on your health such as increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer etc.

The obesity epidemic is associated with obesity-related chronic diseases, which are the leading causes of death worldwide.

We are more sedentary when we sit all day

Sitting all day is bad for our health, but it’s even worse if you do so with no movement. Sitting at a desk and never getting up can make us more sedentary than ever before.

A study by researchers from Stanford University found that people who sat down continuously had higher levels of oxidative stress—a phenomenon in which free radicals break apart. The longer we stay seated without moving around too much the greater risk there becomes for having increased amounts of diseases such as heart disease/strokes due to fatigue brought about primarily by obesity.

Working all day at the workstation

Sitting for long periods of time can cause weight gain and obesity

There are several reasons why sitting for long periods of time can cause weight gain and obesity:

It has been shown that people who spend hours in front a computer or watching TV tend to not only have higher rates of overweight but also more severe cases than those without these sedentary habits.

According to WHO, a research shows an association between increased levels of adipose tissue (fat) and some types such as abdominal visceral/subcutaneous (“between” your skin), hip femoral skeletal muscle mass index which is used to assess lean body mass

When we sit on our bottom all day, any movement down there sends signals through hormone injections making you feel full, making you eat more than if you were standing up. This is because it increases the levels of insulin in our body which makes us want to sit down and sleep.

Obesity leads to health complications such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer

Obesity is a serious and growing problem especially in the United States. The list of obesity-related health complications is long and includes diabetes, heart disease, stroke, or cancer. And even if you’re not overweight or obese yourself there’s a high chance that someone in your family has been diagnosed with one these conditions because it runs through generations like leaves on the wind.

The rise of obesity rates over time has led some experts believe it could pre-empt future generations from living long lives due to its impact on general physical fitness .

Obese woman on a psychiatry session

Others argue that while this may seem inevitable there are things we all still have control over which would decrease risk factors associated with being overweight like poor diet choices , lacklustre exercise habits etc..

The American Cancer Society says that obesity is the second leading cause of cancer in women

The American Cancer Society says that obesity is the second leading cause of cancer in women, and it also contributes to a shorter life span.

The link between poor body weight and mortality rates has been well-established by studies conducted over several decades now – so much so you can’t help but wonder why people still don’t get this message.

For example, obesity causes many types of cancer such as breast, kidney and bowel because the higher BMI a person has indicates that they have been overweight or obese for months maybe years. It doesn’t just happen overnight.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to take action on your weight management goals because obesity is not only dangerous to your health but also the obesity epidemic is costly too. Since obesity leads to high rates of serious illnesses which incur expensive treatments not forgetting loss in productivity by those who are obese or overweight .

Obesity rates have doubled since 1980

In 1980, obesity rates were only 15%. In the last 40 years they have more than doubled to 30%. Men and women are equally susceptible to this health risk.

If obesity continues increasing at this pace, one study predicts that 51% of the population could be obese by 2030.

This is a serious problem because obesity can reduce your life expectancy. According to WHO data, obesity causes about two million deaths globally per year – with many related diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease which are already some of the deadliest conditions in the United States.

So next time you go to work and sit behind a desk, think about obesity and how it affects your life because obesity is not only dangerous but also restrictive . It could be holding you back from achieving what you want which might require extra effort like taking care of yourself by maintaining healthy lifestyle habits such as proper dieting and regular exercise.

Obesity as a serious modaern day problems

How To Avoid These Risks?

To avoid these risks, try standing up at your desk or walking around while talking on the phone instead of sitting down. This is good for both your physical and mental health as it gets blood flowing through those vessels and muscles.

You can also try taking a walk at lunch or after work to help you de-stress and clear your mind of the things that bog it down throughout the day. It’s also important for obesity not to drink too many calories every day such as soda, juice, coffee drinks, etc., because they add empty calories quickly without providing the body with important nutrients.

The Standing Up method will help reduce stress by increasing circulation in our bodies.

You will also have an easier time focusing if you are not reclined against a comfortable chair with nothing else to do but enjoy some peace and quiet.