by | Dec 12, 2017

sit stand workstation adapter

A Sit-Stand Adapter for your already
existing desk

It’s an adapter you sit on top of your current desk and place your computer on top of. The adapter looks like a mini desk and you can adjust it up and down to change your position. These desks come in all types of frames and designs. From extremely simple, with manual adjusters typically in wood or metal, to custom designed and with a lever to adjust their height similar to what you’ll find on your office chair. I have previously used one of these myself and found it to be an awesome feature. Many, like the one I had, have a separate keyboard tray to keep your arms ergonomically distanced from the computer screen itself. I used one of the popular models, Varidesk, which comes in various sizes and styles ranging about $175-$400. Vivo adjustable converter and Kangaroo are two other popular brands ranging from $197-$210 USD. What I liked about my desk was how easy it was to set up and use. It was a cost effective way to try out the standing desk for not a lot of money. On the flip side, sometimes I would forget to switch positions and lifting it up and down, especially setting it to the right height, was a bit strenuous. Be sure to set yourself an alarm so you don’t forget to alternate. Another nice feature is that they’re easy to move so if you plan to move your office in the near future or you use a laptop and want to move the adapter with you it’s feasible.

Fixed Standing Desks

This desk is exactly what it sounds. It’s a desk, at a single adult standing height, that does not adjust to a sitting position. While there may be some variation with slight adjustments for people of different heights, usually with a kind of locking bolt, these desks are too high to sit at. Often, you will see these desks combined with exercise equipment to get people moving while working such as a stationary bike or a treadmill. A bit cheaper than a sit-stand adapter but you will need to have an alternative working location for sitting which means they’re only good if you have a laptop that can be easily moved around. They provide a low tech option for standing. Additionally, many are made by wood-workers so they are very aesthetically pleasing. Some popular, low cost, brands for these desks are Safco $180 and Buddy $187+.

fixed height standing desk
standing desk converter

A Fixed Height Desk Riser

This is a platform for you desk rising it high enough for a standing position. These are super affordable and super easy to move. A down side is having to move your screen and keyboard every time you want to adjust but if you just use a laptop this is a great way to try it out and get standing right away! These small desk risers can be found on amazon for $50 or less.

A Hand Cranked sit-stand desk

These desks are manually operated with a rotary crank like what you’d see on a jack-in-the-box. These desks are very economical because if you already have a desk, it’s easy to screw on an adjustable turn-crank standing frame. Plus, without a motor, they’re lighter and more easily moved around. Since the entire desk moves up and down these are ideal because they keep your monitor, keyboard, mouse, and knickknacks all in place. Ikea makes a simple but trendy version of this desk called the Skarsta for $239.00 or if you just want the frame to put on an already existing desk you may want to check out.

hand crank stand up desk
electric sit stand desk

Electric sit-stand desks

This fancy new trend in desks has small motors attached to it and will easily move up or down with the click of a button. These range from simple to intricate and can cost less than $500 or over a $1000 depending on the size and features you’re looking for. While this is the most expensive option, it it the most user friendly adjusting for sitting to standing and vice-versa in merely seconds. Many of these new stand up desks come with featured settings so you can set your desk to remember your perfect setting. This will save you from wasting time finding an ergonomic and ideal position every time you make the transition. The ease of this memory feature combined with the ease of moving from sitting to standing will likely encourage you to adjust your position more often, achieving an ultimate balance whereas other adjustable desks may not be used as frequently as one would think. Popular brands for these desks include Desky starting at $399, Uplift starting at $500, and Autonomous starting at just $300.

Sit-Stand-Recline Desks

This snazzy desk not only lets you sit and stand but you can recline like an astronaut. They are obviously a more expensive option and they take up a fair amount of space but if you have a large office, the budget, and spend a lot of time work this may be something for you. They are a great option if you have severe back pain or an orthopedic condition and you need to keep working while you recover.

treadmill desk

Exercise Desks

These come in both fixed or moveable desk models with a stationary bike or treadmill sold next to them or combined. Of course, they’re another costly option and use more space. An under the desk treadmill setup will start around $700. A popular brand is LifeSpan Fitness to find what you’re looking for. The combination systems though, don’t usually have the speeds you need for a full workout and cannot detach from your desk which is not a good option if you want to sit down during the day at all. If you can afford to buy the desk with a bike or treadmill separately you’ll get the most bang for your buck, time, and space!