The Best Dual Hardwood Sit Stand Desk: The Desky Review

by | Mar 2, 2022

If you are looking for the best dual hardwood sit stand desk, look no further than the Desky! This desk is perfect for those who want to transition from sitting to standing throughout the day.

The desk is made of high-quality hardwood and is very sturdy. It can be easily adjusted to fit any height, and it has a built-in monitor mount that makes it easy to use. Plus, the Desky comes with a ten-year limited warranty, making it a great investment for your home or office.

What is a Sit Stand Desk and Why Would You Want One?

A sit stand desk is a desk that can be adjusted to fit either a sitting or standing position. They are becoming more and more popular, as they offer many health benefits. Sitting for long periods of time can cause a number of health problems, such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Standing instead of sitting can help to reduce these risks.

A sit stand desk can also help to improve productivity and energy levels. When you are able to easily transition from sitting to standing, it encourages you to move more throughout the day. This can help to boost your mood and creativity.

How to Choose the Right Sit Stand Desk for Your Needs

When choosing a sit stand desk, it is important to consider your needs. If you have a small space, you will want to choose a smaller desk. If you plan on using your laptop or monitor while standing, you will want to choose a desk with a built-in mount. You should also consider the height of the desk and make sure it can be easily adjusted to fit your height.

Desky Dual Hardwood Sit Stand Desk Review

Desky Pheasantwood Sit Stand Desk

The Desky Dual Hardwood Sit-Stand Desk is a must-have investment, not only for its two sturdy legs and two motors (hence the name “dual”) but also because the hardwood desktops that are available to suit it to your current office design scheme or make it the focal point and build your office around whichever elegant hardwood worktop you wish to have.

The dual motors’ huge 140kg capability not only provides stability but also quiet lifting power for as many screens as you need. You’ll have no trouble matching your current workstation because of the three color solid legs available.

Hardwood – always the preferred material for high-quality furniture owing to the individuality of each piece, with its beauty of the grain and distinctive flaws, has not only endurance but also durability.

Whether you’re searching for pheasant wood with distinctive edges, the exquisite high-polished finish of walnut, or the chilly white straight grain of white ash, choose from white oak, red oak, and teak to get a desk that will last a lifetime.


Desky Dual Hardwood Desk Features

Ergonomic Sit & Stand Heights

The main goal of the height range is to provide an ergonomically appropriate seated and standing height range for 95% of all user heights.The maximum height of this chair (125cm) even allows users over 210cm to stand in a comfortable upright posture.

Desky Dual Sit Stand Desk Illustration

Dual Motor Lifting System

The motors are effectively hidden within the legs, with no visible components to protect or reveal.

Lifting System

Height Range 60 – 125cm (without desktop)
Gross Weight 36kg
Travel Speed 36mm per second loaded
Noise Level 40db in motion
Base Width Suits desks 1100 – 2400mm
Weight Capacity 140kg

Heavy Duty Capacity

Two motors, coupled with a large 140kg lifting capacity, allow you to lift even the biggest of monitor and CPU configurations without sacrificing speed or dependability.

Desky Solid Frame Design

Heavy duty frame and three-stage telescoping legs provide industry best stability and lifting rates.

Constant Motor Speed

When loaded, a 36mm/second travel speed means sitting to standing height occurs in less than 10 seconds, all while being incredibly quiet.

Premium and Solid Hardwood

Desktops made of Desky hardwood come in Pheasantwood, Walnut, White Oak, Red Oak, White Ash, and Teak. All are responsibly harvested in Vietnam and have the highest thickness available on the market.

All hardwood tops have their own personality, with exposed natural edging provided by Pheasantwood. Your desktop may handle all of the add-ons you want at a thickness of 25mm.

Desk Top Specs

Core Material Hardwood
Finish Clear Polyurethane Hard Wearing Finish
Colours Pheasantwood, Walnut, White Oak, Red Oak, White Ash, Teak
Standard Sizes 1200 x 750mm, 1500 x 750mm, 1800 x 750mm, 2000 x 750mm
Desktop Thickness 25mm (*each pheasantwood desktop will vary in shape/gradient/slope of the ‘Live’ desktop edges)

Advanced Engineering

The most durable materials have been used to make these electric sit-stand workstation frames, allowing them to offer world-beating stiffness and sturdiness. Desky has spent a lot of time thinking about the frame’s design to ensure that you get the most sturdy, and durable frames available.

The ultra slim leg design, which maximizes your under desk area, the wide engineered steel feet that maximize the ground contact surface area, and the entire construction’s stability are all perfections in their own right.

This design’s structural integrity is further bolstered by the firm structure, which ensures that no matter how much force you apply, the whole structure will not collapse.

Optional Cable Management and Power Solutions

Desky’s simple cable rack design frees up space and organizes your cables. With cut-outs for eight separate power connections, you may power up to 8 additional power outlets. The lightweight construction makes it ideal for Elsafe Plugin Power Boards, allowing you to use up all of the space available.


Power Specifications

Input Power 240v
Transformer Power 200W (0.1W on standby)
Cable Management Style Integrated cable channel recommended
Hand Controller 4 memory presets
Upper & Lower Limits Yes – Programable by user
Overload Protection Yes

Desk Assembly