What is StandApp?

StandApp provides alarmed reminders to take standing breaks from your desk. StandApp includes 30 low to medium intensity exercises anyone can do at work. Users can set reminders as a timer or an alarm. We recommend a minimum of one standing break every hour.


Why StandApp?

Americans have evolved to be sedentary. Technology has made it all too easy for people to spend their lives moving from car seat to office chair, back to car seat, and then to couch. With our jobs and commutes, it may seem impossible to switch to an active lifestyle, even if it’s healthier.

When you stand your core muscles are flexed to keep you upright, this relieves some of the pressure on the spine. When you sit down your core muscles relax putting all the stress on your (lower) spine, this causes the frequent back pain and the so called ‘computer posture’. Interrupt sitting whenever you can. Walking, stretching and exercises burns 3-5 times the calories that sitting does.